Non-Life Insurance

Non-Life Insurance

The insurance sector across the world is facing with changes in regulations, Mergers & Acquisitions and convergence of financial services. Those challenges have resulted in newer processes, procedures and rules in software solutions. The insurance industry needs a partner who can eliminate business process inconsistencies across multiple systems and products by testing applications to ensure business requirements. Such a partner will retain the applications core functionality, stabilize the system and create a regression test bed so that future upgrades can be managed seamlessly .STC’s dedicated testing team have the relevant insurance domain expertise to serve the global Insurance companies.

STC’s Testing expertise in Insurance:


STC’s expertise in Insurance

  • Policy Administration
  • Underwriting
  • Billing
  • Claim Processing
  • Compliance
  • Reporting

Benefits to the Business:

  • Ascertaining that all core functionalities are working as expected
  • To leverage Faster and Accurate Customer settlements
  • Reduced internal Customer Complaints To improve the ROI