Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Each segment of the Logistics & Transportation industry – including air transport, motor freight, railroad and water transportation, pipelines, logistics providers or couriers, and support services – is under pressure for meeting greater customer expectations, improving return on assets, minimizing operating costs, optimizing capacity and promoting operational excellence. Companies in these segments have to be at the forefront of adopting new technologies. In a rapidly changing environment, it is imperative to ensure that IT investments help rationalize costs and provide the intelligence to optimize inter-modal flows, both from a cargo and freight route perspective.

STC’s Logistics & Transportation testing solution practices help companies face these challenges by providing a full range of services in industries including Goods (Freight) Transportation, Passenger Transportation and Logistics. We leverage expertise to provide logistics and transportation comparative and reliable testing services for Transportation Planning, Transportation Procurement, Route Planning, Transportation Management, Small Parcel Shipping (SPS), International Trade Logistics solutions.

STC’S End-to-End Logistics & Transportation Services:


Benefits to the Business:

  • STC’s Logistics & Transportation practice has rich expertise in delivering testing services to our global clients
  • Improving Quality services for contracts & rating, pricing, and line haul & tracking system solutions
  • Ensuring better testing service for Transportation Planning solutions