Customer Acquisition and Retention strategies vary widely across different industry segments, and each vertical segment poses different sets of problems. A CRM solution enables a company which has problems retaining existing customers or has an unsophisticated marketing strategy and to identify the customer demographics. More expectation from industry leads to high complex solutions enabling more scope for testing services.

STC has extensive expertise in testing applications spanning many technologies. The CRM team leverages this experience and its deep knowledge of CRM packages to provide verification as well as validation solutions. The CRM testing solutions cover all Critical testing domains including unit testing, functionality testing, regression testing, load/performance testing, integration testing and usability testing. The CRM team brings in-depth technical knowledge to several verticals, together with experience in key testing tools and quality processes.

Why engage with us for your testing needs?

  • Testing by an independent party reduces the risk of critical failures in post deployment
  • By using our offshore testing services you reduce costs
  • You have access to large and highly qualified resource pools.
  • Our domain expertise means we do the job quicker and better
  • Time zone’s advantage allows us to work during your non-business hours also